Hon. Aishatu Dukku’s Herdsmen’s Defense, A Fraction of How Nigerian Leaders Think – By Abigail Ocheibi


It’s unbelievable that I am writing this about our LEADERS. This energy could have been channeled to “bigger” issues if I wasn’t a Nigerian.

For those who don’t know, farmers in Nigeria have been battling with herdsmen and their cattle for donkeys of years. Personally, I have known this fact since I was 5-6 years old.

Back in day, it was more of the herdsmen releasing their cattle before harvest, mostly towards evenings and nights when the farmers were done for the day and they would wake up to their biggest fear starring at them in the face, smiling because then, it had become their reality; the cattle grazed and destroyed their months of toil, sweat, aching backs, their only hope of survival and the only door through which their kids could go through school…all gone in a twilight!

Yes, we also had cases of rape and killings of farmers by these herdsmen on occasions where the two parties clashed because at some point, male farmers, aged and young alike had to sacrifice their sleep to go sleep on their farmlands, mostly from September to December in order to secure their produce from these herdsmen. Then there were exceptions, widows, single mothers and those without grown male children who were bold enough to embark on such unsafe measure to keep their harvest safe.
And so, some of these women got raped and killed in the process.

These instances started decades ago and they were making little or no headlines sometimes. Now, if Nigeria had ever been any good, that would have been when she started this fight. But no!

So, just like a toddler, who learns to sit, crawl, walk, jump and run, the herdsmen grew not just in number but more in being inhuman because Nigeria continues prune their horns instead of cutting them off completely.

And what we have today is the evidence of failed government, negligence by the media to make such plight a priority enough to never leave a reportage gap until something is done; herdsmen are not only grazing on unharvested farmlands, killing the owners and raping the aged, young and minors but they are also asking villagers to vacate their homelands as well. I know this first hand because my blood is a victim too.

In recent years, things have escalated, seeing how more States in the country are becoming victims of these unlawful and heart-wrenching killings of Nigerians who are only working their daily lives just to survive.
Thanks to the heads in the  most recent administration whose words are great and mighty and their actions are void and shallow just like their brains.

The reality is, the doom is upon us, for some of us, it has always been but for those getting to realize that now, it’s even more alarmingly disturbing.

I’m only writing all these so you understand how some of these people carrying the tags of “leaders” in Nigeria think.

The woman in this video is
Hon. Dr. Aishatu Jibrin Dukku, member of House of Representatives, representing Dukku and Nafada of Gombe State. While a Benue State fellow of hers was suggesting ways of dealing with this callousness, Dukku on the other hand  says in defense of the herdsmen that ” the herdsmen were created to value their cattle more than their own lives and more than the lives of others”!

It’s too much to digest. Too much to unravel and too much for me to want to even believe that  a so called educated woman could be this highly ranked, yet be so misinformedly educated.
Take it or not, Madam Dukku is only a fraction or like her position alludes, she represents an ever larger community of such disastrous line of thought and by implication, we are likely to keep reaping off its fruits because it will be passed down from generation to generation if we don’t start sensitising them now (as shameful as it may sound).
This is our reality.

…and some people were also surprised to see anti ENDSARS protest last year? 🙄

Most of our leaders are clueless, they can’t think for themselves let alone lead others and so it’s so easy so sell any form of knowledge to them as they buy without asking for warranty, expiry date and genuineness.

Honestly I don’t know what else to say or write at this point.

It scares me to be responsible for another life in this kind of environment!


Watch the video here.

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