Nigeria Police Sacked A Female Officer For Getting Pregnant Even After The Law Has Been Repealed? – Force Of Shame! – By Abigail Ocheibi

Pregnant-Policewoman - Credit: The Podium Media

When a woman talks about how misogynistic and patriarchal Nigeria is she gets labeled “angry and frustrated woman”!

Now, what I am yet to understand from such a normalized, facile and moronic responses to our daily reality is, is Nigeria not truly a misogynistic and patriarchal society or that no one should address it? Let’s leave this question for another day.

So, days ago, the Nigeria Police Force sacked an unmarried corporal for getting pregnant in Ekiti State because “she violated” section 127 of the Police regulation which has been REPEALED since late 2020!

First, that such a policy was only applicable to women is unthinkable!
How about if an unmarried male officer impregnates a woman he faces the same punitive measure?

That aside, on January 29, 2020, The Guardian Nigeria reported that:

The Ekiti State Police Commissioner, Mr. Babatunde Mobayo, has defended the dismissal of a police constable, Miss Olajide Omolola, who got pregnant in alleged flagrant violation of the Police Rules and Regulation. Speaking with journalists in Ado Ekiti, on Thursday, the Police Commissioner, said Omolola violated section 127 of the police regulation, which carries serious punitive measures against flouters.

Let me tell you what’s more disturbing to me. In September 2020, President Muhammadu Buhari had actually repealed that section of the law on which basis the sacked officer was punished as part of the Police reform when he signed the bill into law but the FORCE itself doesn’t even know about it… (prohibition against gender discrimination: Section 137-142 under the Miscellaneous provisions)!

Aren’t we doomed as a nation? How can we entrust you to maintain law/order and protect our rights when YOU KNOW NOTHING about the law! How?!

What does this tell you? While we keep shouting “reform the Police” blabla…these people remain clueless!

Should we also talk about the female soldier who was raped in August, 2020 and became pregnant as a result of it? Yeah, she was also dismissed!

So, please when we fight for Police reforms let’s extend it to the Nigerian Army and most importantly, let’s hold them accountable for every bill being passed into law! No discrimination of any sorts and lawmakers as well as those entrusted with the task of maintaining them MUST KNOW THE LAWS of the land on their fingertip.

Because as far as it’s just a paper work, nothing changes! It’s business as usual for them but we have the rights to make them account for each!

At the end of the day, if nobody talks about it, nothing gets done and the issue goes under the carpet and so the circle continues seeing how they keep getting away with everything!

It’s a long way to freedom! My heart bleeds for this generation and even more for those after us if the system remains unchanged!

What a country!!!!! 😢

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