#BBNaija And Buhari’s $5.5 Billion Loan: Dear Nigerian Youths, Are We Ready For This Discussion? – By Abigail Ocheibi

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#BBNaija And Buhari’s $5.5 Billion Loan: Dear Nigerian Youths, Are We Ready For This Discussion? - By Abigail Ocheibi

The conversations amongst young Nigerians pre and post last presidential/House of Representatives elections made me think for a second that there was a paradigm shift at least in how the youths got involved in the entire process and I was like “yeah, it’s millennials’ season. We are more woke than ever”!

Then came reports of corps members (photos and videos) involved in rigging during the elections.
We wanted to be heard and the best way to do that is by getting involved and we were given the opportunity but we ended up ruining it!

Don’t forget, putting our best fingers forward behind our social media pages has been as fruitless as marching the streets in tears, torn clothes and sweats protesting over the years.

When the “not too young to run” campaign came up and it became a national anthem, one I thought was different enough to make a change, we pushed for it and yielded quite a handful positive outcomes. What was left was for us to maintain same energy until we birth the Nigeria we’ve always talked about; one flowing with milk and honey, a land where hard work means something, where the best brains get their deserved wages, where both the rich and the poor have access to quality education and medical care, where the poor (which makes the 75% of the country) need not go to bed with an eye open – scared for their dear lives since those who are meant to protect them are the reason they need saving.

Once upon a time the youths were tagged “lazy” and hell was let loose.
No, I didn’t buy its generic implications on those whose genuine hard work and sleepless nights it ripped off but it did make sense…still does on some degrees.

Covid_19 breezed in and we were fed with numbers for polished six months. We watched our dear ones cry of hunger, begged for food so they survive a day, we watched them die because they couldn’t afford a bed at the hospital or even were denied a chance at the gate.
It was all games and fun for many of us to stay updated with the happenings around the world during this time on social media not minding that our home front has gutted fire…it was easy since many of us resorted to stealing and killing OURSELVES -the poor masses during the day and then “flex” on social media at night.

And so again, it was easy for THEM to tell us that the sum of ₦1.99 billion has gone into certain incomprehensible covid_19 projects and we can’t even at least ask questions.
According to Premium Times, ” In April 2020, the Federal Government raised ₦697.54 million donations from individuals, companies, and organizations. The donation aims at eradicating the COVID-19 pandemic in the country”, yet CBN said N50 billion was issued as part of FG’s covid_19 intervention funds for small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) since the lock down had made many jobless and unable to afford daily essentials.

Dear woke Nigerian youth, do you know anyone who has benefited from this scheme? No? Wow!
How come we all are quiet about it? Shouldn’t that be a priority enough for us to make it trend on social media just like we ensure our BBNija favourites do on a daily basis?

We keep asking same question all the time; where does our priority really lie?
Heck, I keep up with BBNaija but just not like the most I see out there.
How do you spend thirty naira per SMS voting for your BBNaija favourite (repeatedly) yet, you stay complaining about how frustrating the country is, how you don’t have a job, etc. Forgetting that you neither have a voter’s card let alone considering going out to vote!

We’ve succeeded in killing the spirit of the few bold young Nigerians who showed commitment towards seeing a better Nigeria by contesting for different offices simply because we couldn’t give them the needed support.
I remember talking about some of these things with a friend months ago and the person said the government should provide the basic amenities first before the citizens can be held responsible which I totally agree that it ought to play out that way but given our present state, seeing how they’ve failed us over and over again, what do we do?
These people get away with everything because it’s so easy to distract an average Nigerian.

Given the severity of the pandemic (or how they presented it to us), the ongoing BBNaija show shouldn’t even be holding but every move with these old folks is calculated. At least the show has succeeded in distracting us from asking questions about the embezzled billions of naira supposedly on covid_19 projects, about the unnecessary increase in power tariff, ongoing debate on fuel rate increase and now the president is giving “reasons” why the country needs $5.5billion loan!

Haba! Who did this to us?!
How did we get here?

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