Nigeria, Dream Killer – Abigail Ocheibi


You see this country, Nigeria is a dream killer! It feels like everything is working against those who are genuinely putting in the work to earn an honest living!

So many forces fighting against you to favour those going through the backdoor. FRUSTRATING!

Why don’t we encourage/support potentials and build dreams! Top – down…everything is just messed up!

It’s hard to be Patriotic amidst all that this country is offering.

I see why people get frustrated and just…..sad!

I think the government failed once and the masses did twice. We the masses have the power to decide how it should be but only if we are also ready to come correct.

The youths for instance, only stay talking and shouting on social media whereas in reality they are the tools these leaders and politicians use. We are so ignorant and selfish to the point where we feel okay to rip off our fellow poor neighbour to favour the rich.

We get paid a penny to give off our rights and the future of our kids. The reality is, these politicians and others in power have realized how gullible and shallow minded young Nigerians are over the years and they are capitalizing on it.

The likes of Muhammadu Buhari, Olusegun Obasanjo etc, were heads of State in their thirties and late twenties but the youths of today are not really ready for leadership. The few ones who show interest are been trampled upon by same youths who would rather get peanut from those oldies in exchange for a better nation.

Honestly, we need to look inwardly if we want a better Nigeria because the change we look for, starts with us.

One of the solutions I wrote about last year towards having the Nigeria we all wish for and deserve is to operate a one term system of government and here is my reason;

Given the parlours state of our economy, I think Nigeria would be better of if she operates a one term system of government throughout its tiers.

We keep having same handicaps tickling our fancy for a bit, just so we vote them in and then end up being the very slave masters that derive pleasure in seeing us, yell out of frustration and die of starvation.

In reality, they are not pinched by how many women the system has turned into widows just because their husbands went ” to fight Boko Haram” improperly equipped.

We’ve got kids hawking instead of going to School. Teenage girls are now a commodity since a lot of parents can feed off the bride price for weeks.

Young boys have resorted to mediators between the spirit world and others of their kind since even used panties now worth more than life itself.

And so, for these supposed leaders, once the power and the money are there, everyone is an object.

Why am I not surprised Anyways? Perhaps I’ve realized how the government failed once and masses did twice.

In few years, God is AGAIN going to let Nigerians decide either to tread the path of their usual folly as elections draw closer or that of a realization that our “mumu don do” so as to vote wisely for our future, kids, parents, wives and those incapacitated in general.

I always ask, what makes you think that four years is not enough to at least start a developmental project? Why do we allow them fail us ten times over? Why can’t we have just a term for anyone in power?

One of the most frequent answer I get is, “they need to come back to complete the projects the started”.
For one, I believe growth works best in succession.
You might not have the luxury of time to start and round up the construction of Third Mainland Bridge in Lagos for instance, even after serving two terms so what happens next? You want to come back for another term to complete it?

If any leader starts a project and is unable to finish within four years, let the next person pick up right where the other stopped. That’s how we grow. Development and growth should never be up for competition except a healthy one.

We shouldn’t Allow or encourage leaders who will fail us over and over without being remorseful.


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