The Belief Of Having A Purpose In Life Is Actually Bullshit? – By Abigail Ocheibi

The Belief Of Having A Purpose In Life Is Actually Bullshit? - By Abigail Ocheibi

I read where someone said he doesn’t believe in the inherent purpose of man rather, a nurtured one.

So, I got tempted to write on finding one’s purpose in life AGAIN but this time from an enlightening perspective.

While reading his points further, so many questions ran through my head. I wanted to reply immediately but I got held back by a whisper, “think properly Abby before you say anything, “ the voice instructed.

And here’s what I think. I do believe everyone has a purpose in life that we all need to unravel.

Let’s also establish the fact that not everything that you nurture and you are passionate about that is your purpose in life. Have you ever wondered why people thrive at so many things at same time? You can nurture a feeling, an idea you love, hell you can nurture just anything you feel heavily pulled towards by whatever force and that’s fine…yet you haven’t discovered you real self.

If you view the idea of finding your purpose in relation to anything materialistic, you are likely to mistake such idea with your passion. When you look up the meaning of the word “purpose “, you will understand that it implies the reason why something exist or why something was created.

Thus, safe to say believing that purpose isn’t inherent is like saying you were not created to fulfill a particular reason in life.

Now, let’s go back to the act of nurturing. I asked a question earlier, if you’ve ever wondered why some people succeed at almost everything. Have you figured out an answer yet?

Well, it’s possible to nurture and succeed in something or so many things and yet haven’t  found your purpose just like it’s possible to nurture your purpose and nurture other things you are passionate about and succeed in all.

There are so many individuals that have succeeded in the things they love, the things they are passionate about and yet they are seeking answers to something they can’t readily put a finger to. More like a force towards something bigger that they seem not to comprehend yet; some sort of  higher drive even though they can’t pin point it. Therefore, most times in the midst of plenty and what we, from the outside see as wealth/success, despite it all such individuals are not happy.

This again brings us back to  the phrase “find your purpose in life”  because you can relate it to true happiness. It is in this regard that I believe one must keep aware of the self, keep asking questions of oneself, and keep providing honest answers; it is on this path that overwhelming purpose to which one may devote their entire life is found. Again, that it is the result of our experiences, inclination, and a life journey that’s uniquely ours.

This is why I tell people who ask me, how then can I find my purpose in life. If you are passionate about say football for instance, and you’re nurturing the skills only to be a star, be rich and be the best at it then it’s your passion. But, the moment that being a footballer for you is beyond all of the above reasons to having a bigger picture say, helping others succeed in same field or using your resources to serve humanity majorly, then it’s goes from just a passion to your purpose.

I believe whatever you do without FIRST having the intention to serve and give back to humanity and nature is likely not to be your purpose. Perhaps just something you love doing. Purpose for me always comes with higher intention as against just nurturing what you like. Most times it takes soul searching to figure one’s purpose out because it can be mistaken with the abundance of wealth or one’s ability to succeed at something.

Don’t get me wrong, you can nurture your passion and still serve humanity but it won’t take away that empty feeling of your essence.

In summary, mere passion feeds more on your needs, demands and desires while purpose feeds more on your how much lives you are driven towards touching and serving.

So, there is a passion and a purpose. Two forces pulling your desire or need to nurture towards different destinations.

Finally, the reward isn’t always material, but an intrinsic satisfaction. There’s never regret.

My opinion.


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