5G And Coronavirus: Myth To Ignore – By Abigail Ocheibi

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First, let’s know that a research usually leads to more findings then possibly further research and it keeps going. It’s on this ground that all innovations are shouldered and most solutions to man’s needs are met.

Secondly, I rather we talk to professionals or read from verifiable sources in a matter of public consumption such as this and in a time like this.

I am not a scientist nor technical power box but I decided to write on this seeing how a lot people are consuming fake information about the coronavirus.

Everything here is  based on thorough research and little personal knowledge on technology.

An article and stories have been making rounds on social media especially, saying that the corona virus started from Wuhan-China because the residents were exposed to radiation emanating from their use of a new technological advanced network, “5th generation “ network (5G).

5G employs millimeter  waves. Very basic science tells us that the side effects of over exposure to this kind of radiation is genetic/chromosomal damage, which in turn will affect cells in the entire body.

Coronavirus on the other hand doesn’t affect the entire body, and the modus operandi is like any virulent virus. It targets specific areas – this one, the lungs . Coronavirus usually makes its way into the mitochondria of the cells, overtakes it, and uses this energy to replicate itself. It does this long enough and healthy cells begin to die off, many of them die off and then that organ fails. Which is what happens when the infected person begins to show symptoms for severe pneumonia – which is an end-stage symptom of COVID-19.

Now let’s talk about this 5G.
There are different kinds of radiation and not all are harmful depending on your level of exposure to it.
We have for instance;

*Ionizing radiation (eg x-ray, gamma rays etc) this is usually more harmful when compared to non Ionizing radiation (eg visible light from light bulbs, cellphones etc), which most researchers call “non harmful radiation “.

With the little I know, 5G is not our problem as far as Coronavirus is concerned.

Here’s the common sense that informed such baseless claim; the virus started in Wuhan and Wuhan uses 5G network. What do you think?

Now man’s major necessity is how to survive, thus his source of income has to be stable.
Then we have writers, bloggers and YouTubers who want to survive and are hungry for sellable contents and can come up with just any fear aggravating “theories” to feed their target audience, majorly the youth whose larger number are social media junkies.

So what do we have? An article which went viral in few days with more than 3million likes and shares across the globe about the symptoms of radiation which are in actuality, quite similar to that of the current pandemic -coronavirus (shortness of breath, dry cough and general flu-like condition).

The article links the fact that corona virus started from Wuhan to the fact that the region uses 5G network which the writer thinks has higher harmful radiation energy   and it’s why the “Wuhaners” are suffering from the effects of the supposed dangerous  radiation that’s now affecting the world.

I don’t want to bore you all with talks. Let’s look at the key VERIFIABLE features of the 5G;

Personally speaking I would say ‘speed’ but hell, there’s more to it.

* 5G which uses millimeter  waves has less radiation compare to say microwave.

* It consumes 90% less energy than 4G in terms of antennas. Basically 4G sets you more at radiation risk here.

* Also, we look at the lower latency that comes with 5G which helps curb motion sickness amongst other radiation related effects.

No guys, I wasn’t paid to write this. I actually saw a post on Instagram telling people why 5G should not be welcomed and decided to do more research and talk about it. It’s okay to be scared but let your fear be rooted on factual findings.

Finally, let’s look at the possible harmful effects of this 5G as far as consumers are concerned.

Now since 5G network needs lots of antennas unlike the 4G, where such are antennas are placed is very key.

The 5G antenna, the power house of the radiation energy is only dangerous to us when we are closely exposed to it.
And that happens when you are 1-4 meters close.

Come to think of it, what will ever get you that close to such antennas that are usually placed on very tall buildings and masts, where consumers like us won’t have any business going there.

Only engineers are allowed to come close to these antennas for repairs or maintenance and the base station must have been put off.

So next time someone tells that 5G network causes coronavirus don’t hesitate to ask them how.

Please let’s not be too demode at the expense of being Laggards.

Dem talk say make we dey read plenty, e get why. Lol.

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