Okay Guys, Let’s Talk About 5 Things Men Do That Freak Ladies Out (SEE)

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So let’s talk about men and their annoying characters, hoping they become better after reading this. Read on, please……


This should freak every sane woman out there!

It’s either he is comparing you to his mother or sister or he compares you to his grandmother. ‘My mother wears her wigs this way, why can’t you do the same?’  ‘Ah! My grandmother doesn’t use sneakers why are insisting on it?’ Like seriously? Men need to realize that what works for Chidinma may not work for Tolani. So quit the comparison.

Man Consoling Girlfriend — Image by © Image Source/Corbis

Their lives/Jobs are more paramount

Why tho? Men always feel like they do more than women once they are able to cover up the major financial gap in the family.  They fail to realize that a woman’s role is just as important.

Men seem to forget that aside washing, cooking, cleaning, taking care of the kids, doing hair and nails, women go ahead to multi-task, organize and delegate so as to ensure things run properly in the family. Remember, most women do all that probably amidst their 9-5 daily jobs. We deserve more credit don’t you think?

Make Your Woman A Priority
Make Your Woman A Priority

Not owning up to errors

Now most men would rather pee in bed than take corrections from their women even when they know the woman is right. At times a woman comes up with a strategic plan which her man finds useful yet, he just won’t give her some credit. Men, we are not asking for too much but please swallow your pride.

Always talking about their ex-partners

 Okay, this not just annoying but could end a good relationship. Why go into another relationship when you’ve not moved on? Because your ex has to be a thing of the past once you have moved on. Men stop bringing up stuff about your ex-partners in practically all you say around your present woman, it’s annoying!

They feel they are always right

How more annoying can it get than have a man who won’t just say ‘SORRY, I was wrong about it?’ Personally, I accord more respect to a man who takes responsibility for his wrongs. It takes nothing to accept your wrongs and make it right. But most men will demand an apology when they should be giving one. Annoying!

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