Regulation Of Financial Activities Of Religious Leaders Should Be Encouraged In Nigeria

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Over time, countless politicians, as well as other selfish and fraudulent Nigerians, have been brought to book by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), but how far has the agency really gone in investigating the lingering issue of financial crimes that revolve around religious leaders in the country?

While this law enforcement agency (EFCC), deserves a pat on the back especially for recovering the country’s money from looters in recent times, there are obviously so much to be done in Nigeria.

Being a religious country, issues that have to do religion in whatever form are usually being swept under the carpet all for “peace to reign.”

This trend has over time left lots of innocent Nigerians vulnerable to all sorts of fraudulent activities and exploitation under the umbrella of “church and mosque.”

We might have to focus on the former instance here as their fraudulent activities are gradually becoming a norm.

There are so many cases where pastors and other “men of God” have not only being publicly accused for one financial crime or the other, but they have been also been brutalized on different occasions. Yet, EFCC has never found such cases worthy of investigation or prosecution.

Did you know that thousands of Nigerians have ignorantly been robbed of their hard earned money due to some of these activities?

There are countless instances where these churchgoers contributed or donated huge sums towards a particular said or proposed project in their various churches but nothing yielded fruits at the end of the day and such sums were not refunded to the members either.

Remember a viral video of an alleged fraudulent pastor was shared by Eghosa Aifesi on Facebook with the caption:

“Please my people beware of fake pastors they are everywhere…..this one happen for Benin city, ogbe primary school area.”

Watch below:

Again, on March 12th, 2017, Nigerian Bulletin reported that “members of Anglican Church Boyo Road, Sapele staged a protest on Sunday against their Bishop Erifeta over corruption and abuse of public fund” among other allegations.


Yet, EFCC did not and still does not deem it right to do the needful.

Remember, church or not, religion or not, once public funds are under serious threat of misappropriation or any form of a fraudulent act at all, it should be of a national concern. Thus, this is why religious leaders should also be under the watch of the EFCC.

What is even more worrisome is the fact that some of these poor and innocent Nigerians have no idea of the fact that they are only being defrauded, exploited and manipulated into believing that whatever they do or give in these churches, are for God. But hey, the shocker is, most of the so called “men of God” are nothing but looters and frauds just like some of our politicians out there.

The earlier this becomes a serious issue, the better for Nigeria.

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